“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”
― Benjamin Franklin


My teaching goals are to instill a life-long love of music in each child. I develop each student’s piano playing to the best of their abilities through a unique curriculum.  I provide an environment where performance is nurtured.   Challenges are broken down step by step.  Goals are individually tailored, and the rewards of discipline, sensitivity and perseverance are lauded as students listen to the artistic beauty of the music they express and create. 
high school student

Choosing repertoire


How do I do this?  By giving students choices of classical repertoire and by teaching popular, jazz, and Broadway music as supplementary material.  We explore the depth of music at the piano, made richer by learning about the composers’ lives.

piano games

Key Signatures with Dominoes

young students
I teach through fun activities and
hands on games.

Students are motivated to develop musicianship skills using the iPad and Computer Lab.  I assign specific games and drills to reinforce what they are learning during the lesson.


piano technology

At the Computer


And it’s more engaging to learn about composers and musicians through the interactive Bulletin Board.  Every month there are articles, essays, questions, puzzles and questions for students to answer and earn points.  Those points are then cashed in for prizes, an incentive students always love.

interactive piano

Something new every month!






Studying the piano is a solitary activity. But the piano is also a social instrument.  Students bond as a group through class lessons and field trips. 

piano classes

Interval race at the piano


They perform in chamber music, a unique opportunity, and piano ensembles, and as soloists in formal and informal venues.

piano ensemble

Six Hands at One Piano

chamber music piano

I believe music can be a refuge.  Many of my students stay with me at the piano from elementary through high school grades. Teaching is a privilege that I treasure at every lesson.
piano K-12
advanced students
piano advanced
advanced students
piano sports