Students use the computer lab (an adjoining room) for 20 minutes before or after their lesson, to play assigned music games that reinforce Ear-Training, Theory, Composition and Rhythm skills.

As the former computer software reviewer for Clavier magazine, I have always been on the forefront of technology, selecting only the best of educational and entertaining media for students.

Elementary level students might lead a turtle through a forest by identifying notes on the staff correctly.

computer piano

In an apple orchard students pick the apple with the correct rhythms to complete a measure.

tecnology piano

Intermediate students win (or lose) a hockey game by identifying major or perfect intervals.

piano lab


Advanced students use a combination of computer software and online programs for melodic dication, chord recognition, sight-reading and music analysis.

Reed technology


I use music apps during the lesson or computer lab time to develop ear-training, rhythm and theory skills.  I recommend apps for use at home, if parents want.