Is it time to update your piano?

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When is it time to upgrade your piano?  I think that beginning students who have studied for a year, or two years maximum, on a digital keyboard, need to play on an acoustic piano.  The differences in touch and tone are incomparable, no matter how good a digital piano you have.  They need to hear the resonance of wood and felt hammers and a soundboard that amplifies through a natural medium that changes with temperature and environment. Their ears and fingers are ready to discern between different sounds.  MTNA sent this message about Kawai’s special offer.  I had a Kawai Grand for over 20 years and loved it.  If you are unsure about what to do about your piano situation the best advice is to talk with your teacher.  I am always available at

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A celebration and an opportunity.

Decades ago, September was declared National Piano Month—a time to celebrate
the importance of the piano (and piano teachers) in educating our nation’s young people.
This year, we’d like to give you even more reasons to celebrate with a great opportunity.

As students and parents re-tool for September with new books, clothes and computers,
they may also be thinking about re-tooling for maximum achievement in their piano lessons
which could mean a new piano to replace one that is too old, too small or too worn-out.

As teachers, you know when a bad piano is holding a student back.
But did you know that many parents won’t start looking for a new piano until
the teacher tells them it is the right time? Well, this might be the right time.

Kawai is celebrating National Piano Month with a program guaranteed to encourage
every nurturing parent. During September, Kawai is offering generous rebates up to $3000
on selected acoustic and digital pianos through participating Kawai dealers
(click HERE for more details).

Please pass the word about this great offer. We hope our celebration of National Piano Month
will help families celebrate musical growth and success all across the nation.

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